Dufferin UAV Services

Aerial Imaging

Do you need photos of your roof, buildings, or structures?  Need imaging for advertisement or production footage?

We can provide a whole range of services that will allow you to get footage that you would not be able to otherwise.

Mapping and Surveying

We can provide 3d and 2d mapping services and models.  If you need simple shots to create your own models, we can provide this.  We can also provide you with the shots and the completed models and maps.


Simply need to inspect your site?  We can also provide you with great aerial video footage of your property so you can inspect every inch of it.

Search and Rescue

Sometimes having an aerial view can be invaluable when in an emergency situation.  

3d Printing

Need to print out parts for your own drones or other projects?  We can provide you with this service as well.  A number of our drones have parts that are 3d printed.