Mapping and Modelling

An unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) system has the power to rapidly and quickly collect highly detailed information of smaller regions. Once data collection is complete, fast and automatic information processing permits for quick end product deliveries. UAV systems have shown efficiency in several distinct situations, such as forest fires and damage surveying following storms and floods, in which time is a crucial element for decision making and steps execution.

Dufferin UAV undertakes vector or topographic mapping jobs and contains a completely digital production lineup for modelling and mapping. The business has the capability and ability to control and implement a variety of different sized jobs.

By investing in and utilizing up to date technologies, in addition to always improving work flow processes, Dufferin UAV has generated an end to end digital production platform, allowing the team to supply geographic information.

Through its broad expertise, Dufferin UAV can supply data structured to satisfy current data requirements within industries such as preparation, engineering, construction, environmental programs, business options, forestry, farming, etc….

UAV Mapping Example

Base rates are as follows:

$10.00 per acre, minimum $100.00 or 10 acres
$40.00 per hour drive time, minimum 1 hour
Plus HST

This includes imaging and a 3d model.

Use our calculator to figure out costs.

Mapping Calculator
Mapping Calculator